Junior Full Stack Engineer at Tailored Industry

Tech Used

  • React / Javascript
  • Ruby on Rails
  • MySQL
  • Redis
  • Shopify
  • Docker
  • Git / Gitlab

Notable Achievements

Created an automated purchasing flow that initiated the manufacturing process after purchase

Deep Dive
Tailored Industry specialized in manufacturing knitwear using "3D Knitting machines". Think of 3D printers but for clothes made out of yarn. Tailored Industry did not sell the clothes but only manufactured them. Our vendors were their own sovereign brands. A lof of these vendors had Shopify store fronts. I was pivotal in implementing a flow that triggered the production of clothing as soon as a shopify order was placed.

This involved getting all the 3D knitting machines connected online on a private cloud, creating a shopify app integration, and triggering the manufacturing process with a Ruby on Rails app.

Created an analytics dashboard to track manufacturing and worker output

Deep Dive
I was pivotal in creating an analytics dashboard to keep track of the manufacturing process. Most of Tailored Industry manufacturing process is automated, when I first arrived at Tailored Industry, their manufacturing output was not tracked in an automated fashion. I helped created a platform to analyze and track output. This platform allowed to keep track of output without manual book keeping and provided insights in the manufacturing process.