Full Stack Engineer at Ethical Identity

Tech Used

  • React Native / Javascript
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Sinatra
  • Postgres
  • Couch DB
  • Docker
  • Git / Gitlab

Notable Achievements

Led a team in creating a mobile app MVP

Deep Dive
Ethical Identity at the time was a very new company. They were creating an ethical identity solution using a proprietary and encrypted blockchain. To demonstrate the value of it's blockchain production, my team and I were tasked with creating a point of sale system for firearm stores that stored an encrypted identity of previous firearm owners.

Created a application specific data and auth layer to interact with encrypted proprietary blockchain.

Deep Dive
As an early company, Ethical Identity was rushing to create an initial MVP that provided an identity solution with their own proprietary encrypted blockchain. Because this was a generic blockchain, specific applications would need a "data adapter" layer that properly encrypted and decrypted application data. Helped created specific data model adapters for an initial proof of concept of a point of sale system.